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The Celbux Economy

Quite simply, the Celbux Economy is the new way of doing things. It isn’t concerned with the past, but respects it whilst also offering a clear vision of the future of money.
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The Celbux Economy relates to both small and gigantic businesses and sectors on a global scale. It creates an ecosystem that enables collaboration between everyone from an individual to an SME or global corporate.

Here’s what the Celbux Economy means for our stakeholders:

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White Labels

  • Ability to integrate anywhere
  • Infinite scalability
  • Customised reporting included
  • Managed fund distribution for greater spend control
  • Real-time results
  • Customised configuration and reconfiguration
  • Support
  • Customisable loyalty programs for merchants
  • Reconciliation
  • Cash stored value for online purchases
  • Pre-paid real time value

Merchant Exchange

  • Ability to integrate anywhere
  • Transacting with any device on GSM or data
  • Reporting configurable for specific needs
  • Real-time transacting
  • Support
  • Instantly customisable loyalty programs
  • Reconciliation
  • Cash stored value for online purchases


  • Consumer functionality as configured by White Label partners
  • Comprehensive added value when spending at White Label-approved merchants
  • Electronic smart wallet
  • Free account set up
  • Purchases made easy anywhere and between any type of connected device
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Remittance - domestic and cross-border
  • Spend at merchants with added loyalty benefits
  • Completely secure

Strategic Relationships

Africa’s largest retailer currently uses the Celbux platform and the continent's largest retail bank is integrated with it. This Google cloud-based platform has, to date, processed close to 13,1 million transactions worth more than R2,6 billion.

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