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The Celbux Journey

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Eight years ago, we embarked on a journey to revolutionise the world of money.

Our goal was, and is, to redefine money systems, change the way people see, do and feel money, and empower everyone - no matter their financial situation - while also providing world-class solutions to White Labels both big and small.

The challenge is to solve real world problems in a simple, accessible way.

The Power Is In Your Hands

At its core, Celbux is a first-of-its-kind transactional software solution that utilises the power of the cloud to effortlessly create real-time transactions while being incredibly simple to integrate.

Celbux offers inherent scalability with real-time speed and the ability to operate between any device across any border.

You are now able to design your own economy around your business and customers to reward and incentivise them. This also means that anybody can be a consumer and anybody can be a merchant.

Customisation is a crucial aspect of the Celbux offering: the ability to tailor a solution to meet the individual needs of each business through our flexible configuration wizard. Celbux’s flexibility means it complements your business and its requirements rather than being a prescriptive, bulky, one-size-fits-all offering. Celbux is for anybody regardless of their form of connectivity.

The power is truly in your hands.

Why The Cloud?

The cloud has the potential to fundamentally shift the competitive landscape across multiple industries. It has the ability to transform value chains, deliver deeper consumer data and relationships, as well as innovate internal operations.

Celbux prides itself on being an agnostic, software-based solution, meaning that transactions can be processed between any two devices.

From brands who want to lead in their market to businesses who want to challenge the status quo, Celbux delivers financially viable transactional solutions that have real-time load and the ability to scale both seamlessly and affordably.

The Celbux Transactional Platform

Our unique platform enables real-time transactions between any two parties.

These transactions can take on many forms and that is where the power to create your own economy gets interesting: you are able to specifically define your parameters to incentivise your customers, reward them and direct their spending to your mutual benefit.

In everyday use to the public, we have the ability to create an electronic smart wallet on our platform in real-time, meaning no lengthy sign up and vetting process. This makes it inherently accessible to everyone.

The potential is as vast as the vision you may have for your business and consumers.

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